Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pool Party (Maki's Birthday)

(L-R) My cousins: Angelica, Maggie, My mom, Aunt tetes, Aunt Cielo, My cousins: Tin & Mary anne

My Uncle Igos and My niece Maki (The birthday girl)

Mary Anne & her boyfriend Marco

Borrowing my cousin's boyfriend. lol!

My cousin tin having the hots for her sister's boyfriend. HAHAHA

My one and only pic of the kids playing around the pool :( 

Chillin around

Just a bunch of weeeeirdos leaning on water

bubbles <3

Love them so <3

This was actually a children's party, but sadly, I didn't get to take pictures of kids playing around the pool because 1. I came late to the party. 2. I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures. 

My cousin, Maggie, the mom of the birthday celebrant, Maki did a good job on pulling the whole thing off. As a reward, we were the last ones who enjoyed the pool, floating around, drinking wine and munching on yellow cab pizza. The party was held in TaRa Residences rooftop in Tandang Sora. 

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