Monday, April 23, 2012


This day was awesome at the same time sad the fact that I won't be seeing my favorite uncle around. But oh well, that's just the way it is, LIFE oh LIFE. We did lots of reminiscing and non stop laughing. Making me wish that everyday was this chill and happy.

cute couple Ate Maggie and Kuya Martin

love my cousins

I'm gonna miss you, tito bits and tita cielo

Spotted! another couple, Awin and Tin 

Two important guys in my life! 

Blotting paper we got from kuya marts. :)))))

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We gooo way back.  My bestest cousin. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Take me to my beach

I miss going to the beach: the salty water, the sand, and finally being in a proper place to get a good tan. I really can't wait for May 26 to come cuz the whole fam's going to Boracay! Plus my good friend, Una will be there too with her family so it's really going to be F-U-N!. Thank God, OJT + Summer Class will be over by May 22.

Batangas '11


I feel like a dog trying to finish the pork chops and baby back ribs. 

Tevie, Una's baby

Because kinect is so fun. HAHA

Love una's wall :)

Vi sleeping with Una's head gear on.

We are such internet freaks

Una's 1st sky way experience. (Driving)

Good times

Best cousins in the wooorld! Kuya Marts & Ate Maggie

Flashback! Spot kuya Martin! HAHA

H&M top (this is actually a dress that I tucked in), I love my heart + peace sign necklace and cute Aldo bangles my Aunt gave me from Canada. 

Photobooth with my cousin, Mary Anne

ILLUST finals

We made a 2min video illustration of Marilyn Monroe (who doesn't look like her LOL) using different styles. It was actually fun, total teamwork despite the scorching heat and humidity.

trying to braid my hair

Via starting the whole thing

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skate skate while waiting for my turn or taking a  break

Perfect shot of me looking so thin (wish that angle was my everyday face LOL)

goofin around

two of my fave shots by Via

cuuuuute shot of Ashleybabe

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Finals for PEM

This was during prelims week. Tried to finish PEM, so I brought my camera with me to shoot some scenes I could use for my "Slice of Life" video. And yes, it was a success. Managed to shoot myself with my cute niece, Mimi and my cousin, Martin and also had my very 1st Jamba Juice experience ;) tried their Peach Pleasure classic smoothie + they have a photobooth inside though the sucky part is that you can't print them pics instead you could send it to your e-mail.